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Our goal is to build resilient, sustainable supply chain services that prepare your business for the future of work, create greater transparency and improve employee and customer experiences.

Our Services

Domestic Over the road (OTR) Solutions

Having trouble getting trucks arriving on time to you or your clients?

MirUnited has multiple layers to keep your KPI’s near 100%. We use our technology and our dedicated team to track, trace, and update each shipment. We anticipate rather than react by keeping a constant eye on our carriers’ progress and provide multiple updates throughout each day to give you the best transparency.

Less Than Load Trucking (LTL)

Issues with communication regarding your cargo, due to your broker not having a contact at the terminal level?

We have the ability to hold contract rates with FedEx, Holland, YRC, XPO, Estes, ABF, and many more. Not only do we formulate relationships with the big names, but we specifically formulate  relationships with the terminal contacts. We have direct contacts to connect with and solve any issues at all times!

Drayage/ Warehousing

Carriers not giving you updates? Your former carrier no longer providing capacity? Constant LFD issues?

Remember the good ol’ days when these three weren’t mutually exclusive. At MiRUnited they still aren’t. We have capacity worldwide, we guarantee your box is pulled out before the next LFD, and you’ll be updated multiple times throughout each day. 


Cargo stuck at the port too long? Ship spots too sparce or too expensive?

We offer expert coordination of ocean shipments to help with the lack of capacity and extreme price increases. MiR is a one stop shop for  seamless import/export services including; customs clearence, brokerage, and final mile delivery. 

Expedite Shipments

Need us JIT (Just in Time)? Shipment in need of avoiding HOS (Hours of Service)?

Urgency is something we practice daily. MiR operates 24/7/365 for any emergency and while most carriers have to operate under HOS laws we have coordinated relationships that move non-stop.  

Air Freight

Not knowing the correct procedures to move your cargo outside of the continent?

MiRUnited provides international air freight from a world class provider. MiRUnited is an integral part of our clients expedited, international, and high value departments, offering custom tailored air freight fro a variety of cargo.

From small express shipments to large scale projects, our air cargo division leverages hands on expertise and our large network across the globe to assure the safe passage of your shipments, each and every time.

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Estimated transit times are based on business days for Standard LTL shipments and are NOT guaranteed. Lift-gate, indirect shipments, inside delivery, appointment scheduling, and holiday may add additional to transit time. Quote is based on weight, class, dimensions, and special requirements provided. Price is subject to change if actual shipment weight, class or dimensions differ. The individual carrier’s governing General Rules Tariff determines the standard liability cargo insurance coverage applicable for each shipment.

MiRUnited’s partners’ default carrier cargo liability is $100,000. If your cargo is valued higher than this amount, be sure to double check with your contact to ensure the proper handling of your shipment.