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MiRUnited - About Us, The Present, The Future

What we do: 

MiRUnited is a supply chain technology company focused on providing transparency and brokerage reliability to manufactures, shippers, and consignees. We are a multifaceted solutions-oriented company using cutting edge technology to provide up-to-the-minute details to our clients across the globe. We utilize our, literal, world class operations team to access the style of service most often seen within high end wealth management firms.  

Customer Problem(s):  

Rising logistics costs coupled with a furthering of transparency within supply chain has created a very unreliable environment for demand planners and transportation procurement folks and made it impossible to execute efficiently. Due, in part to lack of major innovation, reliability within the brokerage market has worsened and created significant distrust between brokers and manufactures, shippers, and consignees. This can also be attributed to the general population entering the transportation brokerage industry along with a lack of proper training exacerbated by Covid’s geographic boundaries. This can be observed by the immense turn over seen within the industry in comparison to other similar sales roles and companies. The turnover creates friction with a new representative having to relearn most of the contacts particulars.  

Target Market: 

Our target clients are middle to upper market businesses with demand planning, logistics procurement, and/or forwarding needs. They value service above pricing while maintaining a need to stay competitive in the transportation marketplace price wise, have a steady volume of goods in need of being moved, and employees in the aforementioned sectors looking to partner with companies providing some significant transparency as a lot of their jobs depend on proper forecasting areas such as crew planning, project bids based et. al. 

Our Solution:

MiRUnited’s combined 17 years of material handling experience gives us significant insight into the industry and allows us to properly prepare our clients for what’s to come. Our view on the domestic and international logistics markets are no different than that of an ETF marketplace as they are very procyclical. We communicate forecast monthly on our directional expectation regarding pricing, capacity options, and routing guides. In addition, we partner with proprietary condition monitoring software allowing us to have access to transportation variables only accessible to those that own the asset. By providing a benefit currently not provided by any other non-asset-based brokerage, we will access new markets and clients never attained by brokers in the past. All of this is in addition to absolutely unparallel updates, track&trace transparency, carrier acquisition and quoting speed. While most brokerages provide a single account rep and potentially a coordinator, MiRUnited provides an entire unit dedicated to any load movement. 

Our Team:

I strongly recommend visiting our website to get a better idea of each member, in order to provide a quick overview, we hire only those willing to help change our clients’ world for the better. Our team operates as if we are all owners while maintaining our reputation above all. Everyone speaks no less than 2 languages, has at a minimum a master’s degree, played a collegiate sport and everyone, at one time or another, lived abroad. I find that this upbringing provides the kind of character qualities for employees to thrive in an industry riddled with uncertainty and major lack of direction. We are a team of executers and self-starters that won’t quit at any end to achieve what our clients request, often not found within people that don’t match the abovementioned character qualities. 

Mikhail Rasner