Meet the team presents

Mikhail Rasner


Mikhail was born and raised in Russia.


For most of his youth and shortly after meeting Chris and John Evert, he was presented with an opportunity to move to the states and start training towards becoming a professional tennis player. For most of his pre-teen and teenage years, Mikhail spent time at high level tennis academies moving between OH, CA, TX and FL honing his craft and learning from a variety of coaches and players. After a series of efforts to play on the pro tour, Mikhail was recruited by Duquesne University where he played tennis while studying Economics & Econometrics. Shortly after graduation, Mikhail worked as a financial planner/wealth management advisor for many logistics brokers. It was throughout that time frame he developed a curiosity for supply chain/logistics and in January of 2015 he joined Pittsburgh Logistics Solutions in San Antonio TX. Throughout his tenure, Mikhail worked in a variety of positions, eventually leading the business development and national accounts team on the sales side.

After leaving PLS logistics Mikhail spent 18 months working with high performance tennis youth helping them breakthrough on the professional or college circuit and after 18 months he started his own logistics brokerage called MiRUnited while also partnering with an agency program, Tallgrass Freight Co. Over the course of the next 2.5 years Mikhail worked diligently to re-develop a completely new book of business in a totally new mode of transportation. His hard work has successfully helped deliver over 10,000+ loads and develop relationships with hundreds of clients. He is most proud of the client relationships he has developed, the team that he has grown and the service which him and his team help deliver on a daily basis.

In 2020, Mikhail partnered with a local St. Louis company called Atomation to help with R&D on condition monitoring censors, the hope for which is to provide full transparency in the supply chain markets for all things especially the condition of the shipment. His long-term vision is to scale the condition monitoring devises by getting clients, shippers, drivers, et al. to begin using them and the platform to observe their shipment in transit or in storage.

 Long term Mikhail wants to one day launch a satellite which will provide an exclusive supply chain internet service to companies all over the world in need of forwarding and transportation services. His hope is that with greater transparency and better communication, we will finally see some extensive efficiency in the logistics markets and with efficiency we can work on pricing down goods, especially those often consumed by the mid-lower- and lower-income classes. MiRUnited has always had a goal to change the world, and we hope to do so by delivering one shipment at a time.